What Is Your Health Worth?


What is your health worth?

Your physical health will not be one number. It will be a multitude of numbers. Cholesterol levels to reach, number of hours to sleep, amount of veggies to eat, the number of relaxation techniques, fitness suggestions, and most importantly, a personalised navigation to get behaviour from pain and injury to enjoying life. And the map that tells you what to do is the most critical component to the assessment.

The odds for success to changing our unhealthy behaviour are only as good as our directions and advice. To simply approach change as though it is difficult only scratches the surface. Change is emotional, and the ability to override our emotional resistance to change depends on our intrinsic motivation and making sure you get constant improvement with your treatment.

You know what medical research says about your unhealthy behaviour. I know how it feels when I make unhealthy decisions. I know I’m supposed to do the right thing. And I finally learned what the right thing is to do, and I finally want to do something about it.

Stop postponing treatment – you know better

Stop being afraid to change or trying something different – you know better

Stop saying you will start tomorrow – you know better

To know what to do you must have the right answers, to have the right answers you must have the right questions, the right plan, and you must have the right reasons to help change your direction. Exercise Physiology can help with all of this.