Motivating Elders to Initiate and Maintain Exercise

  Although the health benefits of physical activity for elderly persons are well established, exercise is an underused form of health promotion, especially in the elderly population. Physicians must play a more active role in motivating their patients to exercise. Clinicians historically have not actively promoted physical activity and sometimes have even actively discouraged activity. […]

Exercise and Depression

Can a few laps around the block actually solve your emotional problems? Probably not, but a regular exercise program might help. A review of studies stretching back to 1981 concluded that regular exercise can improve mood in people with mild to moderate depression. It also may play a supporting role in treating severe depression. Another […]

Who we treat!

We have been asked a lot lately “what sort of clients do you see at Kinetic Rehabilitation?” Here’s the answer: Workers Comp, DVA, Enhanced Primary Care, Clients with a Chronic Disease (cancer, diabetes, heart disease…), Clients with musculoskeletal conditions or injuries, weight management……just to name a few!

Why you’re never too fat to get fit!

  Finding the motivation to get fitter with regular walking deserves a pat on the back – so imagine how it feels if instead you get yelled at from passing cars by people poking fun at your size. Welcome to the world of people whose weight makes it harder to get moving. It’s a world […]