Learn how to control pain from the Experts

This course will teach a science based approach to reducing symptoms and get back to life and work

Location: Newcastle NSW

Next course starting: Monday 31st July 2017

3 week course

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
10am till 3pm each day

The Kinetic Pain Program is an intensive 3-week program focused on providing multidisciplinary rehabilitative therapy to clients with chronic pain with the goal of improving quality of life and facilitating a return to regular activities of daily living and work.

The rehabilitation program is focused on functional restoration. A cognitive-behavioural model serves as the basis for treatment and incorporates physical reconditioning, biofeedback and relaxation training, stress management, health education, activity moderation and cognative restructuring to decrease pain catastrophizing and pain anxiety. Throughout the 3-week program, various types of treatment and therapies are presented to help each client achieve individualised goals in returning to an active lifestyle and work.
The concept taught at the Pain Program include learning to differentiate acute and chronic pain, minimisation of pain behaviors, relaxation, minimising and eliminating the use of pain medication, daily exercise, stress management techniques and coping with the emotional aspects of chronic pain.

The core team of health-care professionals include exercise physiologists, psychologist, occupational therapist, pharmacist and remedial massage therapist. 

Presenters of the Kinetic Pain Program

What the Program is About

Chronic Pain Management

Introducing Kinetic Rehabilitation's Pain Program

Kinetic Rehabilitation is launching the Pain Education, Awareness and Knowledge Program. The program is tailored to people with chronic pain, and equips participants with invaluable knowledge and practical ways to better manage their pain and improve their quallity of life.

What will be learnt.

This 3 week course presents skills and interventions helpful in managing a chronic pain problem:

  • Understanding the Mechanisms of Chronic Pain: This session will provide health education on distinguishing between the types of pain and how it operates in your system.

  • Setting Effective Goals for Pain Rehabilitation: This session will coach participants in creating effective goals, so that they can measure progress in their pain rehabilitation. Well-defined goals can help effectively communicate with the GP about their treatment plan.

  • Fundamentals of Activity Pacing: This session will give participants the tools to change habits that get in the way of keeping up with their day-to-day activities and work. Participants will learn a strategy on how to get tasks done more effectively.

  • Radical Acceptance - A Method of Redesigning Your Life: This session will provide participants with a pathway to better accept living with a chronic pain condition.

  • Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy: This session will introduce a mindfulness approach to managing participants chronic pain. Learning how to be present as a method of identifying tension or problematic thoughts associated with a pain problem has been proven to improve coping with chronic pain.

What's involved?

Before accepting clients to the Program, a one-on-one Exercise Physiology Assessment will firstly be provided to discuss the participants individual needs and goals. Sessions are comprised of a 1 hour functional assessment session at our clinic and a functional report will be provided. After attending the Pain Program, participants will be given a six-week exercise program to complete independently at home and will be advised to return for a follow up individual exercise physiology appointment at the end of the six weeks.

How do I get involved?

The Kinetic Pain Program is designed for clients who are under worker compensation or CTP and have approval from their GP. If you are interested in referring clients, or not quite sure if the program is for your clients, give us a call to speak to our friendly staff on 02 4962 4000 or email info@kineticrehab.com.au

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