Exercise at work!

The workplace is recognised as a priority setting for health promotion by the World Health Organization and the Australian Government. The cost of absenteeism in Australia is estimated at $7 billion each year, yet research shows that workplace health programs resulted in a 25% decrease in sick leave absenteeism, 41% decrease in workers compensation costs, 24% decrease […]

Exercise & Type 2 Diabetes

Follow this non-athlete as he realises you don’t have to be a marathoner to benefit from an exercise plan. Click on the picture to watch the video.

Chronic Pain

Understanding Pain: What to do about it in less than five minutes? New evidence based approaches to chronic pain management.

Food & Type 2 Diabetes

See one woman’s journey through a world of food temptations to learn which choices can help her (and you) lead a healthier lifestyle. Click on the picture to watch the video.